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Bee Friendly Mix

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Bee Friendly Mix 

A beautiful collection of 5 seeds to help attract bees and other friendly insects in your garden. 

Preorders for shipment in the first week of March. These seeds are best sown in Autumn. 

Contains the following

1. Sweet Alice Alyssum - attractive flowers to range of insects including lady beetles, and "good bugs" - drought tender and flowers in 56 days

2. Cornflower - "blue boy" - this is a beautiful hardy annual flower - and is an ingredient in Twinnings "lady Grey tea"! Best sown in autumn and flowers in 14-20 weeks

3. Cosmos sensation - I was lucky enough to source this heirloom variety. Flowers in 12 weeks

4. Sweet William "Tall mixed" - beautifully scented flowers with a sweet peppery fragrance which bees, butterflies and birds adore. The flowers are edible with a clove like flavour

5. calendula "pacific beauty" marigold - beautiful and colourful flowers attractive to insects - flowers in 55 days and sow autumn


Our HERBAN Grow Pouch collection provides a great range of products that are designed as a seedling starter kit to be grown on your kitchen windowsill or any sunny place, right in the leak-proof pouch. The best part is that they are fun and easy to grow! All you need to do is mix in the enclosed packet of seed and add water.

Includes: Grow Pouch, Organic Growing Medium & Seeds - Just add water!


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