Q: Do I grow the Herbs / Flowers in the bag?

Yes, Herban is a seedling starter kit which is designed to be grown from the grow pouch (bag). Please review the Seasonal Planting Guide for information that is specific to eat plant type.

Q: How big is the pouch? I'm wondering if it will fit on my windowsill?

The convenient grow pouch is 90mm deep, 160mm wide & 230mm high.

Q: How long do the seeds keep in the bag before planted? And will it grow indoors with lack of sun?

The seeds have a shelf life of up to 1 year in the bag and should be planted within a year for best germination results. They should be stored in a cool, dry location while waiting to be planted, not a hot front window. They will grow quite well indoors, in warm locations, and in windows with at least partial sunlight. They will not grow well with zero sunlight.

Q: Do the herbs need to be moved or replanted at any point? How long with the herbs grow in the pouch? 

Each type of herb and flower has it's own growing pattern. Majority of plant varieties will require transplanting into larger pots or a garden once they have germinated, for further information please visit our Seasonal Planting Guide. If the plant outgrows it's container it should be replanted into a larger pot.

Q: How long will it take to grow my grow pouch?

Under the right growing conditions germination should occur within 1 - 4 weeks from planting but will depend of the seed type.

Q: How much water should I apply?

It is important to ensure the soil remains moist for germination but it's equally as important to ensure the seeds are not drowned. We recommend using a spray bottle to apply a small amount of water after planting and re-apply is the soil starts to appear dry.